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VX release of Xpedition Enterprise: Webinar Series

Mentor Graphics is pleased to announce the VX release for Xpedition Enterprise. This is the foundation for the next generation of proven, innovative thinking in PCB Design. This webinar series is your introduction to the technology in our latest release. If you have questions, please contact us.

Archived Webinars

Check out the rest of the VX release of Xpedition Webinar Series.

Design Creation

This webinar focuses on how we have implemented Design Creation functionality to meet these ease-of-use principles and illustrate the value to you via a set of examples. Principles of Easy-to-Use Design Creation Tools

This webinar focuses on the innovative and highly productive technology in xDX Designer and its integration within the Xpedition flow including constraints, layout and parts library. Highly Productive Design Creation with xDX Designer

This webinar focuses on the principles of multi-board system design and addressing its challenges. Principles of Multi-Board System Design

This webinar will include extended product demonstrations that illustrate the key components of systems design. Design Multi-Board Systems with xSD Systems Designer


This webinar discusses how to make analysis more accessible to everyone in your organization with HyperLynx and the VX release of Xpedition Enterprise. HyperLynx: Making Analysis More Accessible


In this on-demand-webinar, experience the intuitive user interface of the new Xpedition PCB design environment. Personalize your PCB design environment to fit your custom needs and maximize your PCB designs. Xpedition PCB Layout Design Environment

Xpedition 3D is a new sub-flow allowing a PCB designer to visualize and edit the PCB in the context of imported mechanical design assemblies within the Xpedition layout design environment. Xpedition 3D Layout Design

In this webinar, learn how to achieve increased productivity during the design planning and placement phase. Included is a demonstration of the new Xpedition VX component functionality. Innovative Component Planning and Placement

This webinar focuses on the new and enhanced routing automation capabilities including sketch routing, real trace plowing, routing through staggered pin arrays, DRC visualization and other trace editing... Routing Automation: A Breakthrough in Productivity

Data Management

In this on-demand webinar, we will introduce our new work-in-progress design data management solution, xDM Design. Xpedition Work in Progress Design Data Management

In this webinar we introduce xDM Library, and share the latest in what’s new to make the librarian’s job easier and faster. Xpedition Library and Component Management


An overview of Mentor’s next-generation New Product Introduction (NPI) solution for PCB fabrication, assembly and test, integrated directly into the Xpedition flow. Lean NPI integrated into the Xpedition flow

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