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PFU Limited

PFU Limited saved as much as 65% in development time using Xpedition Enterprise and HyperLynx PI.

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Concurrent design is an indispensable tool for the faster design cycle time. We are aiming to further strengthen our competitiveness through automation. ”

Mr. Yoshie, Manager PFU Limited

The Problem

PFU faced two challenges: Strike a careful balance between quality and cost, and be able to deliver coincident with a major chip architecture announcement. A re-spin was not an option.

The Solution

They used HyperLynx PI to ensure the design would work the first time and help reduce cost. The Xpedition Enterprise flow enabled multiple designers to work concurrently, enabling them to meet their deadline.

The Results

PFU Limited successfully reduced as much as 65 percent of design cycle time by using Xpedition Enterprise. Performing power integrity (PI) analysis with HyperLynx® enabled PFU to manufacture products without any re-spins.

PFU Limited

Ishikawa, Japan based PFU Limited, an affiliate of Fujitsu Limited, develops and markets image scanners and embedded computers. PFU is No.1 share in the world-wide image scanner market, offering a wide range of embedded computers and state-of-the-art products

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