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3D Layout

Fully integrated, true parametric and photorealistic 3D layout, with placement, constraints and DRC validation.

3D layout lets you left-shift mechanical validation into the PCB layout stage, making it possible to find and fix electro-mechanical design problems early to eliminate costly, late-cycle redesigns.

A fully integrated 2D/3D environment, 3D layout uses the same selection, planning and placement functionality as our PCB layout tool.

3D layout capabilities include:

  • Photorealistic visualization of all board elements
  • Planning and placement
  • 3D constraints with dynamic collision detection
  • Rapidly growing 3D model library with more than 4 million parts
  • Integrated 3D MCAD collaboration tool to pass information to popular mechanical design systems
  • Export designs using standard industry formats, with 3D PDF documentation

Integrated 2D/3D editing environment

Reduce design schedules without learning a new tool, using the same selection, planning and placement functionality.

True parametric 3D

True parametric 3D mechanical kernel, with 3D constraints, dynamic collision detection, and batch verification. Dynamic validation of electro-mechanical designs delivers error-free results.

Photorealistic visualization

Provides complete view controls, including transparency, for board elements such as traces, components, silkscreen, solder mask, and vias. Includes transparency, z-axis scaling, view/rotation control, and x/y/z cut planes.

Industry-standard formatted solid models

Start creating designs immediately using our 3D model library, currently with 4 million parts and adding thousands more every quarter. Or use your own.

Mechanical component importing

Easily import mechanical components such as chassis or heatsinks. Or, for true multi-board capability, import sub-assemblies from other PCB designs.

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