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Design Review

A viewing collaboration environment accessible to all design departments

Technical Specifications

  • Eliminates errors and omissions by allowing all departments to provide review input
  • Schematic and layout collaboration enhanced through ECAD-neutral formats
  • Eliminates ambiguity between departments with direct markup of the PCB or schematic
  • Maximum markup clarity with redline, sticky note, hyperlinks, and embedded images
  • Quickly understand changes between designs with graphical, data and netlist comparisons
  • Standard HTML reporting creates standard output reports on the design data including design summary, placement, line length, and netlist information
  • Authorized users participate in discussions or markups — resulting comment log allows updating the layout with the necessary changes
  • Custom output templates can be created to create reports that can be read by other, downstream systems
  • DRC results can be reviewed and comments entered
  • Individual or groups of DRCs can be easily converted to more detailed markup discussions

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