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Constraint Management

A fully integrated, constraint-driven design methodology

Constraint Manager, formerly Constraint Editor System (CES), provides a common, integrated constraint definition environment for schematic capture and layout.

Bi-directional cross-probing, highlighting and selection between the constraint environment, design capture, and layout ensure design intent is accurately, efficiently captured and adhered.

The constraint manager supports definition and verification of electrical and physical constraints within one environment, eliminating the need for separate databases, and simplifying a complex constraint entry process while improving design accuracy.

Constraint reuse within a design and between designs, and support for concurrent constraint entry accelerate the design process.

Single, integrated constraint entry tool for performance and manufacturability constraints

Provides common, concurrent constraint editing and cross-probing from design entry through PCB layout

Constraint templates enable application of complex rules to multiple nets

Ensure transfer of design intent from the simulation environment directly to layout

Constraints can be verified directly within the constraint editing environment

Validate layout against design intent

Context-sensitive constraint entry

Update constraints easily from within the schematic or PCB layout editor

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