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Design Data Management

Integrate and manage your Xpedition design data through the entire PCB design lifecycle

Technical Specifications

  • Full integration with the design flow, including authoring tools, libraries, servers and file formats
  • Single and centralized environment for managing PCB Design data during the development lifecycle
  • Automatic extraction and management of design status information during check-in/check-out
  • Collaboration management for concurrent design, design reviews, release and IP management
  • Secure storage of design data for the entire organization
  • Generates reports and trends across single or multiple designs for easy tracking of progress
  • Increases data security through user and access control management on the project level
  • Accelerates project startups through template-based project environments
  • Automatic update of viewable files upon check-in
  • Provides protected EDX files for sharing your design data with external systems
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