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PCB Design Creation

Define, verify and communicate design intent throughout the PCB design flow

Xpedition™ Enterprise design creation tools help engineers capture schematics, integrate ICs onto the PCB, and communicate electrical and physical rules to all design teams:

  • FPGA integration reduces design cycles, improving performance and manufacturing
  • Constraint editor manages electrical and physical requirements
  • Complete design creation and definition with schematics and HDL
  • Full integration with layout environment


Schematic Design

Comprehensive concurrent circuit design and management

Xpedition Constraint Manager

Constraint Management

Convey design intent through electrical and physical constraints in a common environment

Systems Design

Multi-board Systems Design

Fully integrated and automated collaborative environment to design multi-board systems

Xpedition Engineer FPGA IO

FPGA I/O Optimization

Optimizes I/O on the FPGA for the PCB, and automates symbol creation

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