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Library Creation and Management

Build and manage PCB system parts within one central library for component and reuse management

Xpedition® xDM Library provides a central library to manage all aspects of the logical to physical part data required in complex PCB systems. The central library brings together the symbol (logical view), cell (physical geometry), padstack and logical to physical pin mapping (part data), providing a central cockpit for part management.

The xDM Library solution is scalable, supporting lower end requirements for smaller companies, up to more complete and complex requirements incorporating full component management.

By bringing information together from across the enterprise within xDM Library, designers can reduce part research time by considering information such as technical parameters, obsolescence, cost, and availability up front during part selection. Also incorporating the use of preferred parts and preferred vendors up front results in fewer new part introductions saving significant money for your company.

Supplies a viewable navigator tree to review part relationships

Provides a single entry point for the creation of all elements of the logical to physical mapping of PCB part data

Provides a single control center for library part development and allows for the import and export of parts data

Create and access libraries from a central location

Integrates symbol, cell, padstack and part editors

Provides built-in consistency checking and verification

Enterprise-level library management

Seamlessly integrates multiple disciplines

Central repository maximizes efficiency

Streamlines component information management, including part selection

Tightly integrated with the Xpedition Enterprise flow

Consistent data management from initial part selection to the final BOM

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