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Library Creation

Manage complex PCB system parts within one central library

Technical Specifications

Libraries may be configured into user-defined partitions and several partition search schemes may be defined to manage libraries available to different design projects.

  • Provides a single cockpit for library part development and allows for the import and export of parts data
  • Integrates symbol, cell, padstack and part editors
  • Supplies a viewable navigator tree to view part relationships
  • Provides built-in consistency checking and verification
  • User-definable library partitions and search paths
  • Enables common property definition and editing
  • Integrates with component information management
  • Provides a single entry point for the creation of all elements of the logical to physical mapping of PCB part data while managing the editors required to create logical/physical part representations
  • Consistency checks ensure correct-by-construction library parts that are guaranteed to package in the Xpedition flow
  • Libraries may be configured to a user's requirements, sub-dividing libraries into partitions that can be searched with user defined search schemes
  • Logical to physical mapping, including fractured symbols are managed by the Parts Editor. A single logical symbol can map to multiple physical footprints
  • Import and export Library Services data from any of the libraries within the central library and move or copy data between partitions or other central libraries
  • Manages PCB templates and logical only or logical-physical re-use blocks ensuring re-use of customer IP
  • Creates and manages the relationships between symbols, cells and padstacks and ensures data integrity and consistency between those library objects
  • Ensures that data cannot be deleted from the library if an object within the library uses the data
  • Updates to objects used by other objects are automatically propagated to those objects

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