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ECAD/MCAD Collaboration

Enables bi-directional collaboration between the electrical and mechanical domains

Technical Specifications

  • Supports "what-if" scenarios in a graphical "sandbox"
  • Tightly integrated with the Xpedition Enterprise flow for ease of use
  • Communicates to MCAD systems via the electrical design, mechanical design (EDMD), ProSTEP-approved standard XML protocol
  • ECAD and MCAD designers can work in the comfort of their own design environments, and quickly and efficiently communicate text and graphics transactions back and forth, as needed
  • When mutual agreement is reached between ECAD and MCAD, the changes can be automatically made in the PCB layout
  • Collaboration enables ECAD and MCAD teams to optimize electronics within tight form-factor constraints while still meeting quality, reliability, and performance requirements
  • Collaboration on what-if scenarios replaces time-consuming re-spins due to errors
  • 3D visualization of the PCB and enclosure enables electronics designers to optimize the layout based on mechanical and manufacturability constraints
  • Enables accurate and timely bi-directional communication of design change data between ECAD and MCAD

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