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Advanced Fabrication & Assembly

Lay out today’s most complex designs, driven by advanced manufacturing technologies

When faced with a new manufacturing technology, the most common solution is time-consuming, error-prone workarounds to get the job done. Xpedition Enterprise supports these technologies within the core flow so that all functions understand the complex design elements. Technologies supported include:

  • Rigid/flex
  • High-density interconnect (HDI/microvias)
  • Embedded passives/actives
  • Chip-on-board

Key Features

Rigid/flex design

  • Import and create complex board outlines from mechanical CAD automatically
  • Employ rich routing capabilities that support bending (e.g. routing along the board outline, aligning traces, and joining traces at curves)
  • Place parts at irregular angles easily
  • Utilize drawing capabilities specific to flexible circuit boards
  • Ensure all trace and pad junctions have teardrops, including T-junctions
  • Easily convert imported DXF data into the board outline
  • Use free-angle routing with arcs for complex polygons
  • Push and shove with arcs
  • Trace tapers (neck downs)
  • Perform design rule checks for missing arcs & teardrops
  • Regional layer stack-up

High-density interconnect

  • BGA breakout router allows you to define layer-biased fanout patterns
  • Support for any stacked/staggered/buried via structure
  • Layer stack-up materials and properties yield accurate impedance constraints
  • Distributed auto-routing technology speeds fanout completion
  • Fanout templates can be included within footprints
  • 3D via structure visualization

Embedded passives/actives

  • Materials & process database to define manufacturing characteristics
  • Feasibility analysis allows you to determine the right mix of materials and embedded vs. surface-mount components
  • Automatic synthesis of physical footprints for capacitors and resistors given component requirements and available materials
  • Components can easily be re-generated if a different manufacturer/process is targeted
  • Output of all data necessary to manufacture and tune embedded passives


  • Rules-driven system for electrical and manufacturing constraints
  • Unique 3D models for each wire bond
  • 3D wire bond and cavity rules checking in real time
  • Die-to-die bonding
  • Multi-layer cavities with wire bonds on any layer
  • Die stacking
  • Automatic bond pattern generation
  • 3D design viewing

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