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Sketch Routing

Xpedition's sketch routing combines auto routing performance with intuitive interactive user control.

Xpedition’s Sketch Router™ technology combines automatic routing power with user control during interactive editing operations, producing high-quality results with exceptional performance. Sketch routing capabilities are included within core Xpedition configurations.

Key Features and Technologies

  • User-defined sketch paths to give control to the design routing intent
  • Route individual traces or hundreds, single-ended and/or differential pairs
  • Accelerates interactive routing with a focus on quality, with high completion rates
  • Automatically orders traces when exiting component areas to enable high completion rates without adding vias


  • Hug Router creates local bias using existing routes to extract designer intent from the previous routing
  • Real Trace plow minimizes interactive routing effort by reducing the need for additional mouse clicks
  • Dynamic visual feedback guides routing
  • Robust Push and Shove of traces, vias and automatic plane clearing while keeping routing quality
  • Smooth movement of large groups of traces with automatic removal of extra segments, even across rule areas
  • Curved trace routing for escaping the most challenging BGA patterns, even staggered pins
  • Automatic Differential Pair routing with symmetric pad entry and short convergence, including broadside or adjacent pair routing
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