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RF Design

Design RF, analog, and digital circuits on the same PCB

Mentor’s RF design solution provides an industry-first integration of PCB design and RF circuit design. Within the Xpedition® Enterprise flow, designers can now enter schematics, perform all layout tasks, and prepare data for manufacturing when designing with RF circuits. RF circuits can be bi-directionally transferred to Agilent ADS using the integrated link.

No more schematic “black boxes;" Xpedition produces true RF schematics in system-level design. To fully support RF designs, Xpedition Enterprise has been designed to understand RF, not just translate the design. The library is synchronized with the circuit-simulation model counterpart in the RF simulation environment to ensure that their behavior is identical.

  • Eliminate manual data transfer with dynamic integration between Mentor PCB design and industry RF simulation tools
  • Enable globally dispersed team collaboration with concurrent schematic and layout design
  • PCB and RF environment libraries both understand RF elements and stay in sync throughout the design process
  • Modify parametric RF elements within PCB layout to optimize space efficiency

Features & Benefits

  • Cuts number of design cycles
  • Dramatically cut cycle time for system level RF design
  • Local RF library supports variety of commonly used RF elements for microstrip, stripline and multilayer RF designs
  • Local system level design database
  • Integrated link to Agilent tools: no manual interface
  • Circuit netlist sent from schematic or layout over the dynamic link for faster simulation
  • Simulate any design object by sending EM simulation data to the Agilent tool
  • Re-use RF circuits in other designs
  • Design RF in parallel using Xpedition concurrent team design capability
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