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HyperLynx 3D EM

Electromagnetic design and verification for PCB, packaging, RFIC, MMIC, and planar antenna designs


HyperLynx® 3D EM presents a full-wave 3D EM design and verification solution that meets the stringent demands of complete package, PCB and circuit-level simulation and modeling.

Its method-of-moments implementation incorporates automatic 3D geometry model creation, full support for modeling entire interconnect paths on package and board (including bond wires, solder balls and bumps, vias and routing traces), proprietary non-uniform mesh generation and adaptive curve fitting.

Using HyperLynx 3D EM, your engineers can create EM-accurate simulations without requiring structure simplification, ensuring precise results.

Modules and options

Small Structure Design

High-capacity 3D electromagnetic (EM) simulation

Proven 3D full-wave EM engine ensures accurate results

Full 3D geometry generation with support for modeling entire interconnect paths on package and board, including bond wires, solder balls & bumps, vias, and routing traces

Easy-to-use extraction from layout to EM model

Geometry models of bond wires, solder balls, bumps, vias, traces and dielectric layers are automatically extracted directly from the layout data, and meshed to ensure proper handling by the 3D EM engine

Extract S-parameter models for full system validation

Delivers multiport S-parameter models (Touchstone format) and broadband RCLK SPICE subcircuit models ready to be plugged into time- or frequency-domain circuit simulators

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