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Electrical & Wire Harness Design Blog

20 Nov, 2014

John Day Infiniti is turning 25, and it took the opportunity to look back on all it has accomplished in that time. What caught my eye was how many of those accomplishments – industry firsts – had to do with electrical/electronic systems: Rear and Around View Infiniti’s RearView Monitor, or backup camera, debuted on the 2002 Q45. The automaker first offered a 360-degree Around View® Monitor on the 2008 Infiniti … Read More

19 Nov, 2014

Paul Johnston Capital software covers the automotive electrical design process from early conceptual architectural design through product engineering. And onwards too through manufacturing engineering to manufacturing assembly. In this entirety one would expect sophistication is needed the ability to handle complexities, nuances and variations. Doing this while sustaining a user-friendly reputation has to be achieved … Read More

18 Nov, 2014

Wait Till Next Year

Posted by John Day

John Day Prospective car buyers in California will have an opportunity next fall to own or lease a Toyota Mirai, the hydrogen-powered four-door, midsized sedan the company announced this week. The Mirai (a Japanese word that means “the future”) uses no gasoline and emits nothing but water vapor. It refuels in about five minutes and can go up to 300 miles on a tankful. It will be available outside California … Read More

14 Nov, 2014

Waiting for My Next Car

Posted by John Day

John Day There is a bit of a disconnect between automotive technology and our – or at least my – desire for immediate gratification. For example, the car I drive, as nice as it is, doesn’t have a rearview camera with or without cross-traffic alert. Recently I had the opportunity to drive a 2015 Subaru Outback, which does have such a camera (more about that in a future post). It’s true that walking down to the … Read More

31 Oct, 2014

Great Balls of Fire

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen NASA has increased its reliance on private, commercial space companies following the retirement of the U.S. Space Shuttle program in 2011. Among NASA’s growing list of commercial partners is Orbital Sciences Corp. in Dulles, Virginia. The Antares launch vehicle, from Orbital Sciences Corp., is the largest rocket produced by the company and the largest to be launched from the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport … Read More

30 Oct, 2014

John Day Bosch noted this week with some justifiable pride that the electronic stability program (ESP) it pioneered becomes a standard in the European Union as of November 1. From there on in the EU, all newly registered passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of up to 3.5 metric tons must be equipped with the anti-skid system. The regulation will take effect for all other vehicles … Read More

30 Oct, 2014

Up in Flames

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen NASA personnel have gotten really good at social media. In fact, NASA engineers, scientists, and officials have been taking to various social media and news outlets, generating a great deal of excitement over a night launch on the East Coast of the United States. Military and aerospace (mil/aero) enthusiasts everywhere – this mil/aero geek included – watched with bated breath for what was to be an historic … Read More

29 Oct, 2014

India Makes Aerospace History

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen India solidified its place in the history books when late last month (September 2014) the Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) and technology demonstrator successfully entered into orbit around the Red Planet. The MOM achievement launched India into aerospace history as the first nation in Asia to reach Mars—joining the ranks with the European Space Agency (ESA), U.S. National Aeronautical Space Administration … Read More

28 Oct, 2014

Aerospace Advances in India

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen The global aerospace community is buzzing with news of emerging markets making technological advances and historical achievements. Among the nations making headlines is India. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) officials in Bangalore are racking up aerospace wins, which resulted in India being recognized as the first Asian nation to successfully send a satellite into orbit around Mars. India’s … Read More

28 Oct, 2014

MOM to Mars

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen When you think of aerospace innovation, what nations come to mind? The United States, Canada, Russia, and the European Union have all logged significant, if not historical, aerospace achievements. At the same time, military and aerospace (mil/aero) industry pundits recognized Brazil, China, India, Mexico, and South Africa as the emerging aerospace markets to watch. Watch we have, and aerospace geeks … Read More

24 Oct, 2014

John Day Ford said this week that it’s rolling out a driver-assist system that, at least in some cases, may be able to keep cars from running into pedestrians, or if they do, lessen the likelihood of death or serious injury. That’s huge, in my opinion, but there’s more. The system, Pre-Collision Assist with Pedestrian Detection, can also help drivers avoid all-too-common rear-end collisions. Ford will launch … Read More

21 Oct, 2014

John Day Electrical Systems (ES) engineers at the Toyota Technical Center in Saline, Michigan, spent months engaged in customer research in the course of designing the 2015 Toyota Avalon premium midsize sedan that launched this week. The research included clinics, focus groups, surveys, and visits to dealers. “A tremendous effort goes into designing a car that meets design goals,” says Avalon chief engineer … Read More

13 Oct, 2014

John Day At the Paris Motor Show recently Elektrobit (EB) and Nuance announced that they’ve integrated voice with natural language understanding (NLU) as part of the virtual cockpit in Audi’s TT Roadster. The virtual cockpit places infotainment as well as traditional dashboard information on a large screen directly in front of the driver. The point of integrating voice and NLU is to allow the driver to … Read More

7 Oct, 2014

John Day Aftermarket in-dash infotainment system supplier Pioneer Electronics is moving rather aggressively to meet consumer demands for infotainment and smartphone connectivity. After all, it costs far less to upgrade a car’s in-dash system than it does to buy a new vehicle. Last summer Pioneer launched an iPhone app called AppRadioLIVE to work with the company’s AppRadio in-dash receivers. It’s intended to … Read More

30 Sep, 2014

Made in Space

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen NASA scientists finalized testing of the most complex rocket engine parts ever produced with 3D printers. Aerospace organizations are increasingly investigating the potential of additive manufacturing, using 3D printers to save time and money over traditional manufacturing processes. The testing involved using the rocket engine parts to produce 20,000 pounds of thrust. A NASA spokesperson describes … Read More


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