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Electrical & Wire Harness Design Blog

27 Feb, 2015

John Day fliCharge International Ltd. (pronounced fly-charge), which developed the wireless smartphone charging technology used in vehicles from Chrysler, Ford, and Toyota, has introduced a USB Auto-Detect PowerDisc for charging iPads, tablets, smartphones and a wide variety of other devices. Its patented fliCharge wire-free conductive charging technology has charging efficiencies of over 95%, according to the … Read More

25 Feb, 2015

John Day Time does indeed march on. One of the first things I noticed when I slipped behind the wheel of a 2015 Chrysler 200 Limited was the lack of a CD player. You can still find them in some new cars, but not this one. The Chrysler, however, has USB and AUX ports, and should be able to accommodate a portable player if all that is accessible via Bluetooth and Chrysler’s UConnect multimedia system isn’t enough. Pairing … Read More

20 Feb, 2015

John Day Volvo wants to integrate self-driving cars into real traffic with ordinary people, as opposed to professional drivers, behind the wheel. This week they described in some detail what they call the Drive Me project. Their plan is to put 100 self-driving cars in the hands of customers on selected roads around Gothenburg, Sweden by 2017, which is practically the day after tomorrow in automotive terms. To … Read More

13 Feb, 2015

John Day Sen. Edward J. Markey (D Mass.) In a report issued last week Massachusetts Democratic Senator Edward J. Markey says wireless technologies leave vehicles exposed to hackers, and new standards are needed to plug security and privacy gaps in cars and trucks. Hacking is a serious concern, and the thought of some nefarious thing happening as we drive is scary, to say the least. Senator Markey’s report, “Tracking … Read More

9 Feb, 2015

Paul Johnston When you implement software like Capital there are some characteristics of the project which will mark it out as an enterprise-wide investment for success. For myself, used to the vendor perspective I see a it as something natural we construct products in such a way as to facilitate additions and extensions. Over the next few posts I will look at what I have found to be good and less effective practices … Read More

6 Feb, 2015

John Day There is a lot of excitement in the automotive industry about potential applications for Ethernet. For one example, Broadcom recently introduced a new BroadR-Reach® automotive Ethernet chip optimized for use in low-power applications. Broadcom said the chip’s low power potential enables uses cases beyond infotainment and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and into telematics, shark fin antennas, … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

Aerospace Opportunity Knocks

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen The military and aerospace (mil/aero) has had its ups and downs. Whereas military investment has been stagnant in the U.S. and Europe, other countries – including Brazil, Turkey, India, and more – continue to bolster their defenses. Even so, the global military market is being outpaced by the aerospace sector. The aerospace market is a bright spot in the mil/aero community – and it shows few signs of … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

John Day Baron Services, Inc., the Huntsville, Alabama company that provides storm tracker service to TV stations and up-to-date information on weather and road conditions to drivers via SiriusXM, is currently marketing a Driver Safety Program to automakers and tier one suppliers. Chris Carr, Baron’s director of business development, says the program’s objective is to make immediate, contextual information on … Read More

30 Jan, 2015

J VanDomelen Last year (2014) was a bright spot in the aerospace market, with two industry-leading companies – Boeing and Airbus – breaking industry records in the area of commercial transport aircraft. Boeing broke an aerospace industry record in 2014, delivering an impressive 723 airplanes in a single year. Airbus has, likewise, announced significant achievements. Airbus officials this month announced that the … Read More

29 Jan, 2015

J VanDomelen The global military and aerospace (mil/aero) industry is robust and expanding, with the greatest growth taking place on the commercial or civil side of things. That is, Boeing and Airbus – two of the top airframe manufacturers, which deliver platforms for commercial and military aviation and space – broke industry records in 2014. Officials at both Boeing and Airbus this month announced their airframe … Read More

26 Jan, 2015

John Day It makes perfect sense for automakers and tier one suppliers to set up facilities in Silicon Valley where there are, as you may know, a great many very well qualified technical people. It’s one more sign – not that we needed one – of the increasing significance of electronics hardware/software/systems technology to competitive cars. In the past year Elektrobit announced plans to open an automotive … Read More

21 Jan, 2015

John Day This week ams AG, which is well-known for its sensor technology, introduced what it calls an Internet-of-Things (IoT)-Connected Smart Lighting Manager, or, a sensor-integrated chip-scale device that enables daylight harvesting. It says its device (AS721x) is the first of its kind. Picture a large office during daytime with the sun shining more or less through the office windows. Daylight harvesting … Read More

16 Jan, 2015

John Day During the Automotive News World Congress this week IBM shared the results of its most recent automotive industry survey, the Automotive 2025 Global Study. IBM reached out to 175 industry executives in 21 countries. Their consensus is that the industry is “ripe for disruptive changes that are breaking down borders of the automotive ecosystem.” “Cognitive vehicles” and “industry co-creation with consumers,” … Read More

12 Jan, 2015

The Easier the Better

Posted by John Day

John Day The easier that new technology is to use, the better, in my opinion. I noticed a couple of innovations in the past week that indicated others are thinking the same way. Broadcom, for example, introduced an automotive-grade Near Field Communications (NFC) chip and touted its “tap to connect” technology. It said that drivers could pair a mobile device with their car’s head unit by simply tapping the device … Read More

31 Dec, 2014

On-demand Additive Manufacturing

Posted by J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen Military and aerospace (mil/aero) engineers and executives know all too well the (very long) time it takes to see a new technology designed, developed, tested, manufactured, and fielded. Long acquisition cycles have long plagued the mil/aero community—in some cases, leaving soldiers and astronauts waiting egregiously long for much-needed solutions. Times are changing, however, and new tools, systems, … Read More


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