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A ground floor opportunity in mobile technology

John Day

John Day

Posted Apr 24, 2013

Here’s an opportunity to help launch an intriguing company/technology. Mi Alerts is launching mobile technology that will send an alert to a customer’s mobile phone when the customer’s car is hit, damaged, or stolen. The complete Mi Alerts system will take photographs and videos of accidents or hit-and-runs, making it easier for insurance companies and law enforcement to settle disputes.

Mi Alerts’ features include:

Car Impact Alert System – A sensor located behind the front license plate will send an alert to the customer’s mobile device if the car gets hit, dinged or broken into, while identifying the location where the impact occurred. The level of impact is also measured.

Mi Alerts Camera – A small camera located inside the front grill of the car or right below the license plate protects the car against careless drivers. Three additional remote cameras can be placed on the back windshield and on the inside of each door. The impact will trigger each camera to take a picture immediately after the collision, thus capturing snapshots of the other car in the accident.

Mi Alerts Streaming Video – The camera will record a short video moments after impact for further protection.

Identifying Hit & Run Drivers – If both cars in the accident have Mi Alerts, an alert of the accident is sent to both owners, identifying each driver and sending the identification to Mi Alerts secure online database, thus pinpointing all “hit & run” drivers who have the Mi Alerts system.

A Built-In GPS Locator – allows the owner to find the car in a crowded parking and sends an alert if the car is being towed or stolen.

Tracking of Driver Habits – Mi Alerts can track an automobile’s speed (mph/kph). This is especially helpful for employers who would like to track their employees driving habits as well as view their speed. The company is working with insurance companies to issue “good driver” insurance discounts.

Mi Alerts can also be used as a child or pet finder or as a home monitoring system.

The company is raising capital and selling its technology on the crowdfunding site Indiegogo. Want to help?

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