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Aiding ISO 26262 compliance

John Day

John Day

Posted Jun 27, 2012

Automotive application developers will expect to receive as much help as possible from suppliers as they contend with the requirements of ISO 26262.

When Freescale Semiconductor launched its SafeAssure program last September it promised to make functional safety an integral part of its product development process to align to the requirements of ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. It said its products would be defined and designed to comply with the standards, with safety analysis done at each step of the development process and confirmation measures taken to help ensure that safety requirements are fully met.

At the Freescale Technology Forum in San Antonio earlier this month Freescale announced two SafeAssure product families, the 32-bit Qorivva MPC574xP microcontroller (MCU) and MC33906/7/8 system basis chip (SBC), that can help automotive systems meet Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) up through ASIL D. Freescale said the MC33906/7/8 devices are its first analog solutions developed to satisfy ASIL D requirements.

The MCU and SBC tandem should benefit electric power steering, electronic stability control, vehicle dynamic and chassis control, safety domain control, adaptive cruise control and blind spot detection.

According to Freescale, using the MPC574xP MCU with MC33906/7/8 SBC devices helps simplify system design and optimize interactions at the monitoring and diagnostic and software architecture levels, while each device has its own fail-safe check mechanism. The SafeAssure hardware concept is said to focus on detecting and mitigating random hardware failures. Built-in safety functions for failure control include self-testing, monitoring and hardware-based redundancy. The 180 MHz Qorivva MCU, built on a 55 nm process, includes dual-core delayed lock step and additional on-chip redundancy. It can operate in extreme environments (up to 165°C). The SBCs provide monitoring of key analog parameters, a failsafe state machine, and an advanced watchdog. The combination is intended to simplify system designs and reduce software complexity.

Automotive application developers need all the help they can get.

SafeAssure, IEC 61508, Qorivva MPC574xP microcontroller, ISO 26262, Freescale Technology Forum, Freescale Semiconductor, MC33906/7/8 system basis chip, ASIL-D

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