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Are Engineers An Endangered Species?

J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen

Posted Jul 27, 2011
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Wanted: Engineers. Military and aerospace are among many industries concerned about the future availability of skilled workers. This challenge of ensuring a skilled workforce well into the future of the U.S. is ever-present in the minds of many people—heads of technology firms (especially in the mil/aero realm), higher-education faculty, scientists and researchers, economists, patriots, heads of state, the White House Chief of Staff…virtually everyone.

In Nov. 2009, President Obama launched the “Educate to Innovate” campaign out of his dedication to motivating and inspiring students across America to excel in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM).

“Reaffirming and strengthening America’s role as the world’s engine of scientific discovery and technological innovation is essential to meeting the challenges of this century,” said President Obama. “That’s why I am committed to making the improvement of STEM education over the next decade a national priority.”

In doing so, the president called on the nation—including individual states—to ramp up efforts to advance STEM education and motivate students. Central to the effort are “new and creative methods of generating and maintaining student interest and enthusiasm in science and math, reinvigorating the pipeline of ingenuity and innovation essential to America’s success that has long been at the core of American economic leadership,” according to a White House spokesperson.

Yes, that's a TI-92 Plus! Firepowa!

President Obama also announced high-powered partnerships involving leading companies, foundations, non-profits, and science and engineering societies, as well as commitments from philanthropic organizations and individuals.

Mil/aero technology companies are increasingly investing in educating current and up-and-coming professionals. This geek appreciates innovative, proactive firms dedicated to advancing, teaching, and future-proofing the mil/aero workforce. One such company, Mentor Graphics, is renowned for hosting free and low-cost global events, both online and in person, at the core of which are education, knowledge, and furthering the market. This geek tips his beanie!

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This argument is tiring and old. There is no shortage of scientists and engineers. It is a lie. We are in a glut.

6:17 PM Aug 1, 2011

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