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Boeing is handed a head start

Airbus delayed the availability of the A350-1000, intended to compete with The Boeing Company’s enhanced 777 twinjet; yet, customers continue to cancel early orders for the upcoming Airbus wide-body jet.

This delay is giving Boeing the chance it needs to push its 777 successor (being called the Boeing 777X) forward, while utilizing all the lessons learned from its infamously delayed 787 Dreamliner. Boeing also reportedly had been waiting for Airbus to make the first strategic move, which actually ended up being a delay that hindered sales and negatively influenced public opinion.

Boeing has a leg up on the design of the new 777 because of lessons learned from the design, production, and customer feedback received on the Dreamliner, which boasts composite-material wings and fuselage, according to Howard Rubel, an analyst with Jeffries & Co. in New York.

“The more time they give thought to how to come up with some incremental and possibly break-through solutions, the better the 777X will be,” Rubel said.

So the battle rages on fostering litigation and innovation to make the greatest aircraft possible. This geek thinks with fuel prices going up, up, and up further, efficiency in both engine and design will drive the future of the market.

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