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Collaborating on automotive software development tools

John Day

John Day

Posted Mar 19, 2012

Last July the Eclipse Foundation announced an open source initiative to define and implement a standard platform for software development tools used in the automotive industry. BMW, Bosch, Continental, and itemis AG were founding members of the Eclipse Automotive Industry Working Group, the results of which will be made available under the open source Eclipse Public License (EPL). Validas AG and the Virtual Vehicle Competence Center recently joined the working group.

In a statement issued when the Working Group was formed, BMW referred to Eclipse as a de-facto standard in developing software development tools and an integrated development environment for programming automotive software. BMW said it will use the Eclipse platform developed by the Working Group as a strategic development environment.

“Creating a standard platform for automotive tools will help us to faster innovate without compromising quality,” noted Harald Mackamul, Senior Expert, Corporate Sector Research and Advance Engineering, Robert Bosch GmbH. “Collaborating with an open source community will allow us to share the costs and best practices for building new tools with other companies in the automotive industry. We see this open innovation as the future for our software tools strategy.”

Ignacio Garro, head of IT PLM Systems and Software at Continental Automotive, said the automotive working group’s initial objective is the definition of an automotive development platform for systems engineering as well as software development.

“The final aim of the Eclipse Automotive Working Group is to set up an automotive ecosystem for Eclipse that will help to improve the standard Eclipse platform in the areas that need further development to perfectly match the requirements of the automotive industry,” he added. “We are planning, for example, to be active in the area of memory management for huge models, in the area of functional safety, and also in the area of access to executable memory information from CDT (C/C++ Development Tooling).”

Garro suggests that the definition of an automotive platform will make it easier for OEMs and automotive suppliers to integrate different tools into an integrated environment and provide an advantage for tool suppliers that support the platform.

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