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Connecting connected cars all over the world

John Day

John Day

Posted May 24, 2013

Airbiquity came out with a new version (5.0) of their Choreo mobile integration platform this week and it sounds quite impressive for a few reasons.

Besides giving automakers more information on connected vehicle usage, the new version more than doubles the number of geographic markets the platform covers.

Chief revenue officer David Jumpa explains that in each of those markets Choreo is customized to account for all of the different rules and policies that govern the use of apps and data in connected cars. I can only imagine how long it would take to collect and interpret those rules and such, much less program a platform to follow them.

According to Airbiquity, the platform can integrate practically any application into the vehicle, whether from a smartphone or a cloud-based streaming service. It’s said to work with major handsets, operating systems and platforms through a combination of cloud apps and smartphone apps.

The company says that Choreo allows automakers to define a unique user experience, customizing the human-machine interface (HMI) to the vehicle and rendering apps on the car’s head unit with a brand-specific look and feel.

Jumpa says Choreo is “the first truly global smartphone and cloud apps solution that can also be localized to the needs of consumers in each market. It allows fast and easy integration of apps over the lifecycle of the vehicle and owner experience to meet the ever changing needs and tastes of consumers around the world.

“The scalability of this solution – scalability per region, brand, or model – is unmatched in this industry, and a paradigm shift,” he says.

“Previously, automotive manufacturers relied exclusively on custom, in-house development of such solutions, which is both costly and exhaustive to manage and maintain. The Airbiquity solution provides a true managed service offering.”

Choreo 5.0 guarantees compatibility with a wide range of content and service partners, and Jumpa says Airbiquity’s partners and combined abilities differentiate the platform from any other and help make it the largest global cloud-based solution of its kind. Partners include Sprint, Vodafone, Telenor Connexion, and China Unicom.

The platform will be rolled out with two major automotive brands starting later in 2013. It will be interesting to see how well it’s accepted and what other alternatives are available.

China Unicom, connected cars, Airbiquity, Vodafone, Sprint, Telenor Connexion

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