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Difficult decisions in deployment

The availability of sufficient power to drive myriad electronics in ground combat vehicles is a major concern in the military and aerospace (mil/aero) market. Current military ground vehicle platforms are outfitted with a wealth of electronics—including command and control, communications, radar and radar jamming, weaponry, counter-IED/countermeasures, and intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance systems—to help ensure mission success while protecting warfighters.

All these systems require a steady stream of safe, reliable power—without which, soldiers are faced on a daily basis with the difficult decision of which systems to power up and which to power down. For example, the crew in a HMMWV (Humvee) or Bradley Fighting Vehicle (such as the Stryker armored fighting vehicle) have to choose to do without counter-IED systems, identification friend or foe (IFF) capabilities, or situational awareness? It’s a choice that this geek thinks no one should have to make.

LAND Stryker with slats

Soldiers and commanders returning from deployment in the field are requesting innovative solutions to the problem of feeding mission- and safety-critical, yet power-hungry devices on the battlefield.

Vehicle manufacturers for both defense and commercial applications are increasing adopting electronic design automation (EDA) tools with which to plan, develop, test, and verify in-vehicle electrical and wiring harness designs.

Mentor Graphics’ Capital and VeSys are popular tools employed within the automotive, aerospace, rail, and specialty vehicle industries. Capital is the choice of large companies, whereas VeSys is often adopted by smaller companies and small design teams; both are designed to deliver a more streamlined and collaborative workflow, time and cost savings, faster return on investment (ROI), and greater potential for better system designs. If you’re anxious to learn more, this geek recommends reading white papers available at:;start=0;limit=9;

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