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EDA helps brakes go electric, continued

Goodrich Corp. engineers used electronic design automation (EDA) software to design, verify, and test the company’s latest innovative electronic brake automation avionics. The company’s electric brake system is being employed on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner airplane; in fact, a majority of 787 customers to date have selected the Goodrich electric brake system.

Goodrich executives announced in March 2011 that the company’s electro-magnetic brake system completed all required dedicated flight test conditions. Required test conditions included:  extensive on-aircraft testing of the wheels and electric brake hardware, validation of the proprietary software incorporated in the electric brake actuator controllers, and maximum brake energy testing, which was completed at Edwards Air Force Base in California. According to a Goodrich spokesperson, the achievement followed a comprehensive development and qualification program, under which multiple Goodrich business units and The Boeing Company collaborated closely.

The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the first commercial airliner to be outfitted with an electric brake system; simultaneously, of course, Goodrich’s electro-magnetic braking system has the distinction of being the first such system on a commercial craft.

Boeing 787 Dreamliner electric brake pioneered by Goodrich Inc.

“Goodrich is again honored to be part of aviation history by being a supplier for the world’s first electric brake system on a commercial airplane,” explains Brian Brandewie, president of Goodrich’s Aircraft Wheels & Brakes division in Phoenix, Ariz. “The 787 system represents our sixth generation of electric brakes. We anticipated demand for an alternative to traditional, hydraulically actuated braking, and began the pursuit of electrically actuated braking technology more than 15 years ago.”

What benefits do electronic braking systems offer compared to their more traditional, hydraulic counterparts? This geek is glad you asked. Be sure to read on.

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