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Getting Ready for VW’s All-Electric Golf

John Day

John Day

Posted Aug 6, 2014

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This week at the Management Briefing Seminar, sponsored by the Center for Automotive Research, Volkswagen of America (VW) described the “holistic” approach it plans to take with its 2015 e-Golf, the all-electric, zero tailpipe emissions vehicle scheduled to go on sale later this year at participating dealerships in select US states. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

Though it has the tailpipe covered, emissions-wise, Volkswagen knows there will still be greenhouse gas emissions associated with the e-Golf’s production and distribution, and with the production of energy. With that in mind, Volkswagen has partnered with 3Degrees® to purchase corresponding carbon offsets in California and elsewhere to cover the first 36,000 miles of e-Golf driving. 3Degrees provides renewable energy certificates and carbon offsets to organizations committed to sustainability.

Next, Volkswagen is working with solar system provider SunPower on a promotion enticing e-Golf customers to install a residential SunPower system. They can save on their annual electricity costs and power the car, thus reducing the overall cost of ownership. The SunPower energy storage system is not commercially available yet, so we’ll have to wait for details.

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions will serve as a charging station and installation services partner for the e-Golf. It will provide a 240-volt charging unit, the Power Max® charging station, and full-service installation.
Plus all that, ChargePoint® will provide authorized e-Golf dealerships with VW-branded charging stations and will give e-Golf drivers access to their network of public EV charging stations – 18,000 around the U.S. The ChargePoint mobile app will help drivers find their way to the nearest ChargePoint station and start charging sessions.

It looks like Volkswagen has thought a lot about electric vehicle ownership. Do you have an all-electric vehicle or are you thinking about buying one?

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