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Harness Cost Reduction - the movie; appearing now Website remodeled

Mentor Graphics’ website has just been reorganized and improved so you can better find information relating to the Integrated Electrical Systems products. CHS and VeSys reviews, descriptions and information can now be accessed through The re-structuring is comprehensive and the appearance and friendliness of the site is improved. What was there previously wasn’t all that shoddy, so better is even better.

Some of the changes I am told are directly aimed at making the language more in tune with how our customers habitually refer to their workplace tasks.  The text is cutting out some of the assumptions we at Mentor make that when we refer to “X” everyone in the industry understands what we are referring to. This is a good thing.  The site has new ways of interacting with the Mentor Graphics experts too, so if you disagree and think we are still too free using jargon words it is going to be easier to give feedback. The overall aim is for our customers to find what they want to see more readily. redesign electrical interconnect and harness systems web content redesign electrical interconnect and harness systems web content

I looked around, and did find it easy to use and also found  something I have not seen before. I’m going to mention it because it is topical – well, in the sense it is relevant to the previous post I placed on this blog. is the new gathering place for the multimedia product related content. Rather entertaining and a step up from data sheets in PDF. My colleagues in the marketing team have done a good job. All right, I think they have they have done an excellent job.

That last remark might get me some nice jackets or polo shirts or golf balls or coffee mugs to give away to CHS customers I work with. Or some of those self-illuminating yo-yos decked out with a Mentor logo.   I can throw those in the direction of customers too (they might come back though). The marketing department discontinued those now I come to think of it, and the boomerangs too, as people said customers thought Mentor was putting too much of a spin on things. Yes, that was a joke, or rather a feeble attempt in that direction is probably more accurate a description.   

I particularly commend to you and look for the Reducing Product Cost with CHS item previewed in amongst the others.  This is a nicely constructed overview of what opportunities there are for using CHS to take out unnecessary costs from your designs for electrical interconnect systems in transportation platforms. 

If you visit and take a look, I wonder if  like myself, you cannot resist your curiosity and end up clicking on another movie from the same page to see what it is like.  Bonne chance, viel Glück  and enjoy.

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