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How do we know we’re doing what we said we would?

John Day

John Day

Posted Feb 27, 2012

Requirements management software developer Visure Solutions ( notes that requirements should be traceable to test results and vice versa in order to verify that software does what it was originally intended to do – especially for safety- and mission-critical applications that require certification.

The company suggests that most enterprises are using requirements tools and test suites that are disconnected from each other, and as a result, traceability is being done manually, often with Microsoft Word or Excel files. Considering the complexity of software applications today, the firm says – paraphrasing here – that dog will no longer hunt.

Coming to the rescue, Visure says it has “integrated test management into its IRQA requirements engineering solution,” thus automating end-to-end requirements traceability. Fulfilled tests provide the proof points needed for regulatory certification.

The Test Management Extension links specific tests with the requirements that the tests validate and then manages the relationships, identifying which requirements have/not been tested. It also flags tests that must be re-run if requirements have changed. The benefits are savings in overall software development time and cost, plus documentation of tests/requirements relationships to aid certification.

“By bringing requirements and test management together we provide a transparent, traceable loop that demonstrates through the test results how the organization has transformed the original requirements into a high-quality final solution,” says IRQA product manager Fernando Valera.

Valera says IRQA includes the ability to create test plans from which engineers can create specific test sessions that may include some tests to be run manually and others to be run automatically. Manual test results can be entered directly into IRQA or imported from Word or Excel. For automatic tests, the Visure tool can link to test environments such as IBM Rational Functional and Performance Tester, HP LoadRunner, Microfocus Silk family, and Selenium. When the tests are completed, results are automatically parsed and brought into IRQA. The link between the results and the original requirements provides the necessary compliance transparency.

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