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IESF - A different decade-type milestone. Scoop!

Two months to go approximately to the Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum in Detroit. It will be the tenth such event. In December 2008 in Detroit there were 600 registrations for this event. It is substantial.  Breaking news. You heard what follows first here.

The Mentor Graphics Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum (IESF) 2010 is an event for design engineers, engineering management and executives in the Automotive and Commercial Vehicles industry. The tenth IESF event will be held at the Hyatt Dearborn, MI, on Thursday, March 18th, 2010. This is a FREE event; however, seats are limited. I recommend you register quickly after it is on line. Should be by the end of January.  You will be able to register at

Last time this was held in Detroit the registration page was for a time the most visited page on the site. I think it was coincidence that the landing page had a picture with me on it. Or maybe not, you had to know it was me the image was so small, and larger would probably have hindered traffic.

Here is a larger picture to give you an indication of the ambiance. Don’t worry. I’m not featured on this picture of a main session.

IESF Detroit Dearborn last event

IESF Detroit Dearborn last event

If you are one of my family reading- this is the reason I’m not going to be over in England at the time I expected for a holiday. March 18th is taken up by the work part of work-life balance. I’m enthused about what’s going to be in the conference this year.
Don’t have the complete and finalized agenda but I do expect that the featured presentations include some tantalizing ones which caught my eye.  Mentor CEO and Chairman of the Board Dr. Walden Rhines will again attend to deliver a keynote, “Ten Years’ Worth of Automotive Design Questions Have Answers Today” which underscores the importance and commitment Mentor Graphics apportions to this business segment.
Other top-line speakers drawn from the automotive industry will explore in their presentations the challenges of AUTOSAR, Hardware and Software Architectures, Electrical complexity in Vehicles. Paul Hansen noteworthy and respected author of the periodic Hansen Report will present “An Industry Update: Electrical & Electronics 2010 Industry Trends and Observations.”
And things other than presentations and side-bar discussion break-outs are of course going to be integral to of the day to make it enjoyable as well as worthwhile to attend. Below are a couple of illustrations.
Learn new stuff! Take home much more than a tote bag with gifts and presentation transcripts.

Learn new stuff! Take home much more than a tote bag with gifts and presentation transcripts.

 My confidential sources high in the Mentor Marketing organization hint at a new type of giveaway to be offered to participants at this already free event.  Will make it even more attractive to professionals.  My anticipation level is elevated. 

Oh, and the food is good too.

Hyatt Regency Dearborn top quality foodstuffs for hungry engineers

Hyatt Regency Dearborn top quality foodstuffs for hungry engineers

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Registration for the 10th IESF Conference for Automotive, Commercial and Off-Highway Vehicles is now open! As always, IESF is a FREE event held this year at Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, MI. Register and view the full agenda today! Last year’s IESF attracted more than 600 attendees and this year we expect the demand to be greater!

James Price
12:30 AM Feb 8, 2010

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