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IESF Detroit - 10 days to go and counting

Ten days left to the event at the Dearborn Grand Hyatt. The number of registrations is running close to the high water mark which was reached the last event.   Join the people flocking to participate in this free conference by visiting 

This time around attendees are spared a presentation or a paper delivered by myself.  Therefore my personal preparations are confined to deciding whether I buy a new tie or not to wear for the big day. Good job really as other things are really keeping me busy at the moment, and fine-tuning a presentation to a major conference like this would be extra work. I would struggle to find time to fit it in.

I am looking forward eagerly to the day though – as a consumer there’s plenty to interest. In particular I have singled out the session on Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) based service documentation and diagram control. Recently the CHS family has enlarged to include some very interesting new capabilities and potential in this field, which as an insider I have seen in some detail, and I am enthused about how the functionality is extended. In the not too distant future I hope to write a couple of entries about complexity handling to illustrate some of the innovative solutions for customers’ challenges CHS is offering as a result of the recent enlargement.


Also I had a quick lesson about how important cabling working properly is. This was dealt out to me last week on a business trip. My cellphone charger was overlooked in the packing, so to charge my exhausted phone I had only the USB cable (Universal Serial Bus) which of course is not quite universal it is highly specific to the cellphone and costs a surprisingly large amount of money to purchase. And the cable seemed not to be succeeding in charging hardly at all, and as usual the software on my laptop computer to communicate with the Smartphone was grumbling about not being able to find the device. After fifteen minutes trouble shooting after I bought the cable I let go of the connectivity issue with it unresolved. But away on a road trip, and with a co-worker’s USB cable for the same brand of cellphone to borrow I did the swap and what do you know, the phone was immediately charging much stronger and quicker and the laptop and cellphone were chattering away like two old friends and I could download a podcast in my hotel room to listen to at the airport. I was able to pitch my USB cable into the waste bin declaring it a dud and a waste of money. In a fit of integrity I gave back the cable I had borrowed. Well, it was my manager I had borrowed it from.

Ah, how we take a flawlessly functioning interconnect for granted, and when it does not work – how much time is in danger of going to waste!


How much longer to recharge this cellphone with this cable?

How much longer to recharge this cellphone with this cable?

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Thanks Paul for the plug, you maybe interested to know that we have just added to the IESF agenda our final guest speaker. Vehicle Software & Electrical Management: Process, Methods, Tools and Infrastructure - The Ford Experience, presented by Christopher Davey, Senior Technical Leader, Software and Control Systems Engineering, Ford Motor Company See you on March 18th.

James Price
5:44 AM Mar 9, 2010

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