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Integrated Electrical and Electronic Systems Forum - IESF x 2

Had to look this one up. What is the plural of “forum” – is it “forums” or “fora?”  Actually both are admissable, though probably the more common of the two is “forums.”  There are two coming up in the near future titled IESF and put on by Mentor Graphics to raise awareness of how software is being used now, and can be used in the future to streamline processes and drive down costs, increase efficiency in electrical systems design and wire harness engineering.

There is an event in Seattle tomorrow (May 19) – focused on Aerospace and military, principally airborne systems, where the CHS tools are featured.  The URL is

There is an IESF event coming up in Paris, FR (June 19th  – sorry for getting the date wrong when first posting) which is more geared to Automotive (pun inteneded) for European attendees: The URL to visit for more details for this one is

Both these events are recommended.  There are numerous benefits to attending. First there are some thought provoking, informative presenters. Mentor Graphics puts out some considerable effort in this area organizing and staffing, Mentor joint CEO Walden Rhines is slated to present at both events for example. And from the keynote speakers down you see respected industry figures.  Well mostly – I should add from humility – since I myself presented a paper relating to using automated cost caluclation tools focused on Capital Costing at the Dearborn MI event which took place in December last year. That event attracted over 400 engineers, engineering managers and executives to a full day of peer-to-peer networking, technical information sharing.  Not by any means all of these attendees battering the doors down to get to hear me speak.   Anyway, secondly, it is a great opportunity to test the waters of  “best practice” and to see how your industry sector is meeting the prospect of having to do the same only better and faster and cheaper in the next decade and validating your own ideas of what the trendsetting moves are.

Third, it is free.  That’s always welcome. Fourth it is not a Mentor minutely choreographed event, independant speakers from the domain make major contributions to the tone and the content of these days. It is a lively and productive way to spend your time.  Of course there are plenty of Mentor Graphics experts congregated together in the one place to talk with. If you want to have a meeting with someone in particular, it is good policy to make your arrangements early because time fills up quickly.

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