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Kids These Days

John Day

John Day

Posted Jul 25, 2014

Those of a certain age may remember what it was like to wait impatiently to turn 16 and be able to drive (legally). There was an excitement about driving and eventual car ownership that’s not there anymore, or at least not there to the same degree. Kids these days have other options, as do adults, especially those who live in urban areas.

And that’s okay according to Scott Belcher, president and CEO of ITS America. “The world is connected, and that connectivity is changing transportation completely,” he told attendees at Drive Oregon’s EV Roadmap 7 in Portland. “We’re moving to a shared use mobility system; especially this newer generation. They have very different expectations of transportation than people of earlier generations do. They can go to their phones, access any of several apps, and get to their destination safely and economically.”

That’s not so bad, especially considering the automotive industry’s technology momentum. “This is the most exciting time to be involved in transportation since the interstate highway system,” Belcher says. “The automobile industry has been making great strides in terms of safety; adopting new technology and becoming more fuel efficient, including electric vehicles. We ought to embrace that movement. Software, lasers, radar, lidar and many more technologies are changing the way we drive, and they are also getting less expensive.”

Meanwhile, serious issues remain. Belcher notes that the United States is currently challenged in its ability to move goods and people. “We need smart solutions,” he warns, adding that solutions will be among the topics raised at the ITS World Congress in Detroit, September 7-11.

The ITS World Congress is the largest transportation technology event of 2014 and is expected to attract more than 10,000 international business, government, and research leaders. The event will showcase the latest transportation innovations and share ideas and strategies for advancing the development and deployment of intelligent transportation solutions to solve the world’s transportation challenges.

For more information on the event visit

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