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Looking for a place to park

John Day

John Day

Posted Jan 14, 2013

Those who drive into urban areas every so often, or every day, might appreciate this: INRIX® launched a parking navigation service at the 2013 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas last week. The service provides information on more than 18,000 off-street parking locations in North America and a total of 42,000 spaces in 36 countries in Europe. Information includes the current cost to park, the number of available spaces, and detailed location information. The database providers are ParkMe and Parkopedia.

Kenwood will be the first consumer electronics manufacturer to implement INRIX Parking. At CES Kenwood launched new in-dash DVD entertainment receivers (the Excelon DNN990HD and DNN770HD) with INRIX Parking and with built-in WiFi communication via Kenwood’s cloud services. INRIX also provides up-to-the-minute traffic information, fuel and weather services.

According to INRIX, drivers searching for a parking space account for 30 percent of all urban traffic congestion.  A global survey of commuters in 20 cities conducted by IBM found that nearly six out of 10 drivers have abandoned their search for a parking space at least once and drivers often spend an average of nearly 20 minutes in pursuit of a spot. “In the era of the connected car, driver access to dynamic parking information is not just a necessity, it’s a requirement,” says Parkopedia CEO Eugene Tsyrklevich.

INRIX has also partnered with CenNavi to deliver premium real-time, predictive and historical traffic services in 28 cities across China. “We look forward to working with INRIX applying our combined expertise to solve one of China’s biggest problems,” said CenNavi president Haijun Tao. The collaboration leverages INRIX’s Traffic Intelligence Platform and connected services technologies with CenNavi’s real-time traffic information and automotive relationships.

INRIX launched a traffic app with three new features for the iPhone and Android smartphones. Glance n’ Go makes it easy to tell if traffic is better or worse than normal at a particular time and day of the week. Social Network Traffic Alerts make it easy for users to let friends and family members know about accidents, construction slow-downs or other delays via Facebook, Twitter, or text/email integration. Finally, INRIX Departure Times lets users know whether to go – leave the office know because traffic is light – or stay and work longer until traffic subsides.

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