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Making the Cut Part 2

J VanDomelen

J VanDomelen

Posted Feb 27, 2014
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Mars One, which plans to set up the first human settlement on the Red Planet, just completed the process of whittling a pool of more than 200,000 eager men and women to little more than 1,000. Of the 1,058 semifinalists are two Canadians in Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.).

Thirty-year-old Marina Miral, a juvenile fiction author, and Alex Marion, a 26-year-old psychology graduate, have made it onto the Mars One mission short list from among 200,000+ applicants.

Miral, who took part in a candid interview with The Times Colonist, is garnering attention. “This might sound a little bit silly, but my dream for my entire life was to go to Starfleet Academy,” she told the newspaper. (For those who aren’t Trekkies, Starfleet Academy is where recruits are trained to be Starfleet officers in the fictional universe of Star Trek.)

“But that is fictional,” Miral adds, “so it’s been pretty hard trying to find something that will substitute for that dream.” She thinks she has found just that in the Mars One human settlement endeavor.

Miral also modestly noted that, for the life of her, she cannot figure out why the Mars One panel selected her. “I tried to get across in my application just how important it was to me and that I was taking it seriously,” she says, speculating that it was likely a major factor and differentiator. “I just love the idea of exploring, going somewhere completely new. Going to space — I can’t even describe how wonderful the thought is for me.”

This military and aerospace (mil/aero) geek thinks it likely has something to do with wanting to be an astronaut since she started watching Star Trek at age 10.

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[...] Mars One staffers selected two semifinalists, who hope to take a one-way trip to Mars, from Canada—and more specifically, Vancouver, British Columbia (B.C.). This military and aerospace (mil/aero) geek already discussed intriguing Fiction Author Marina Miral; now attentions turn to Alex Marion, a 26-year-old psychology graduate. [...]

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