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Managing EWIS requirements with CHS

What is EWIS?  EWIS stands for Electrical Wiring Interconnection System which can be defined as at set of electrical connections and signals between devices and modules and all of their associated termination parts which are necessary for their installation.  In other words, this defines the set of electrical diagrams and cable harnesses that are installed in an airplane or a helicopter that make all of the electrical connections.

More and more I hear from my customers that they are being required document robust processes to control issues of say signal separation in the case of electrical interference or power source isolation.  I have been told that currently this can be a tedious process to validate each circuit and its routing path as installed.

Capital Harness Systems has a product called Capital Topology that provides a method for capturing the routing path of all of the cable harnesses in an installation and all of the interconnections between said harnesses.  This can be married with the point to point wiring diagrams and via rules and constraints one can very quickly an easily determine and document if all of your signal separation constraints have been met.  The cable harness paths for an aircraft can be modeled as shown in the simplistic example below:

Capital Topology

Capital Topology

From here we can synchronize this view with our wiring diagrams:


Capital Logic - Wiring Diagram

Capital Topology provides sophisticated rules and constraints to help an organization meet their EWIS requirements.  Some of the features of Capital Topology are:

  • Provides an integrated harness-level platform view of the vehicle wiring implementation
  • Enables EWIS trade-offs
  • Allows validation of wiring data in the context of harness topology
  • Direct navigation between wiring and topology views including effectivity perspective
  • Determine bundle diameters very early in the design process
  • Bridge with 3D at any point in the design cycle

Capital Topology is an excellent tool that will save you time and costs in early design validation and will help you provide documentation to substantiate your EWIS compliance.

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EWIS has great advanced feature which support electrical connections required in a airplane. Great product!!

Anchor Electric(
6:00 AM Oct 8, 2010

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