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Managing Software in Cars

John Day

John Day

Posted Nov 27, 2013

Symphony Teleca Corp. (STC) and Movimento are partnering to offer a platform for over-the-air software updates in cars, much like smartphones and personal computers are updated.

The firms are integrating STC’s InSight Connect VRM (vehicle relationship management) with Movimento’s Ventura vehicle software reflash technology. They will enable updates on automakers’ assembly lines as well as updates to consumers’ cars, and they will support all automotive vehicle networks.

The companies say that configuring and managing “the surging amounts of complex in-vehicle systems and software” is one of the top challenges in the automotive industry. It’s hard to argue with that considering the humongous amounts of software code – millions of lines – and myriad electronic control units. Most of what makes the driving experience better today depends on software.

“The connected car revolution is happening right now and the need to keep the car software up-to-date is more critical than ever,” says STC vice president and head of connected services, Robert Kempf. Doing so reduces recall and warranty costs and enables tailored software updates.

Movimento CEO Ben Hoffman estimates that nearly 70 percent of automotive recalls are due to software errors. His firm has completed more than 100,000 vehicle reflashes and 500,000 module reflashes.

“Vehicles are the ultimate mobile devices and consumers expect to receive software updates as they do for the other mobile devices in their life,’ Hoffman added, “However, the automotive industry demands an added level of robustness and security. Addressing this unique challenge is where the Symphony Teleca and Movimento integrated offering will help OEMs enable an entire industry with secure and reliable Connected Cars.”

Hoffman said Movimento and STC have been working on their product integration since 2011.

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