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Mentor and Mecel launch a complete solution for AUTOSAR 4.x development

John Day

John Day

Posted Dec 20, 2011

You may have heard, and if not you can read it here, that Mentor Graphics and Mecel AB (, a Delphi subsidiary, teamed up to build a complete solution for the design, configuration, generation, and implementation of AUTOSAR Basic Software (BSW) Versions 4.0.2 and 4.0.3.

“The automotive industry is moving quickly from AUTOSAR 3 to AUTOSAR 4, but there is a huge amount of coding and compliance testing involved in creating AUTOSAR 4.x BSW, so we decided to find a partner that could help us both get to market more quickly,” Serge Leef, vice president and general manager of Mentor’s System Level Engineering Division.

“We divided the development work, with Mecel taking responsibility for diagnostics and the AUTOSAR real-time environment while we took on the communications portion and the operating system. The result is complete BSW for every AUTOSAR 4.x module. We’ve fully implemented the stack and augmented it with design tools. Everything works right out of the box.”

The AUTOSAR BSW solution includes Mentor’s Volcano™ VSTAR AUTOSAR BSW stack and VSB configuration tool. VSTAR includes an operating system; run-time environment (RTE) generator; modules for mode management, memory management, and diagnostic and communication services; firmware for I/O hardware abstraction, and optional communication stacks for LIN, CAN, FlexRay, and eventually Ethernet.

Design tool chain support

Supporting VSTAR is Mentor’s VSx AUTOSAR tool chain, which consists of an architecture design tool (Volcano VSA-Volcano System Architect), simulation tool (Volcano VSI-Virtual Systems Integrator), communications matrix design tool (Volcano VSA COM), and ECU configuration tool (Volcano VSB-Vehicle System Builder).

With Volcano VSA, engineers can design AUTOSAR-compatible Software Components (SWC), map them to hardware architectures, and manage the resulting relationships.  Volcano VSI is used for AUTOSAR RTE simulation, verification, and debugging SWCs (software components). BMW and Volvo are among the automakers currently using VSx tools.

“We’re seeing a lot of momentum toward AUTOSAR development. Every automaker has at least one project and some have three or four,” says Leef.

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