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More songs - the new Aerospace and Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems Design Hit Parade

It  is rumoured that I took a break in October and the greater part of November from writing blog posts because of a time squeeze exerted by a spike in workload.  It might be true.  Now I do have fifteen minutes I could think about it, but two of them have already gone and in the remaining thirteen, no twelve and a half now, I would much rather … oh never mind.

I announce a new playlist you can use on your portable music device of unsepcified manufacture – no free advertisements or favoritism. Of the blog posts I’ve done so far, I had most feedback about the song contest. People speaking to me of course as acutal posted comments, well those come about every Preston Guild (which is a way of saying rarer than Hen’s Teeth (which means not very often)). 

Ah I see I am suffering from the bemoanliness of the long distance blogger – I read plenty of postings and get my own back by not commenting to those people whether I agree or disagree with them. I’m not sure whether that’s agressive passivity or passive aggressivity. Nine minutes left.

Here are the wiring harness songs for Winter 2009 to soothe your chillblains in the Northern Hemisphere. If you’re in the southern part of the world and the weather is turning toasty,  stop reading immediately.

  1. Suspect Device – Stiff Little Fingers

  2. Terminal Show – Motorhead

  3. Multicore – Kalimoto

  4. Plug it in – Basement Jaxx feat J.C. Chasez

  5. Twist – I am Kloot

  6. Twisted Logic – Coldplay

  7. Short Circuit – Daft Punk

  8. Look on down from the Bridge – Mazzy Star

  9. Bad Connection – Yazoo

  10. Can’t stand my Retainer – Cellophane


I am pleased so many compsers and lyricists have harnessed their talents to celebrate the electrical interconnect domain.  No classical music this time – no overtures, symphonies. quite simply there were too many conductors to choose from – more than you can shake a Capital Auto-View Assist license block at.  Maybe I will cast the net wider next time.  Guffaw Guffaw.

Hope Sandoval I don't believe refers to this in the Mazzy Star song.

Hope Sandoval I don't believe refers to this in the Mazzy Star song.


And feel free to post your suggestions in the comments for further harness electrical design wiring etc. etc. themed songs.

I have one minute forty-five seconds left now in which I can take suggestions from the vast readership for a grand finale to this posting uh, hmmm ….. oh, there goes the phone. Guess that’s it for now then.

Happy Holidays.

CHS, Preston Guild, Automotive Electrical and Electronic Systems Design, Twisted Circuits, Wiring Harness

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