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See you at IESF

John Day

John Day

Posted Apr 28, 2011

If you haven’t already signed up for IESF (Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum) Automotive, here is the link:

 IESF is scheduled for June 2 at the Hyatt Regency Dearborn (MI).

If you’ve attended IESF in past years you know its value for both quality technical presentations and networking. I am looking forward to hearing John McElroy (Autoline) and Paul Hansen (The Hansen Report) provide perspective on the automotive electronics industry, Brett Hillhouse from IBM talk about managing complexity in automotive product development, and Mentor Graphics CEO Wally Rhines discuss design data continuity across the enterprise.

Technical sessions include an EE Design track, and an AUTOSAR track. AUTOSAR speakers include Zoran Cutura, head of commercial product development at MBtech Group, and Robert Rimkus, engineering group manager for software architecture at General Motors.

You may know that AUTOSAR looms large in GM’s application development efforts. It’s a prime example of the kinds of industry-wide collaborative efforts that are contributing to automotive E/E reliability.

AUTOSAR makes it possible for suppliers to leverage the cost of developing software components by reusing or combining them, or moving them from one ECU to another. Historically, the development of software modules was driven more by suppliers than by automakers, but with AUTOSAR, automakers will be able to develop their own intellectual property, share it with different suppliers, and allow all system elements to coexist in a standardized platform.

AUTOSAR will allow automakers to develop applications that are independent from the hardware and communication buses. It provides a basic definition of software components and interfaces that allows automakers to combine code from different suppliers in the same microcontroller, and it has potential for improving quality through standardization and reuse, reuse being critical for both software and hardware. If the industry can work toward standardization in design processes and talk about software in the same way, it will facilitate a plug-and-play environment.

IESF provides a great opportunity to learn more about AUTOSAR in particular, and automotive EE application development in general. Hope to see you there.

IESF, IBM, General Motors, Mentor Graphics, The Hansen Report, Autoline

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