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Show and tell

Here’s a personal milestone, which is of no great interest to anyone but myself  I guess. September includes the 10th anniversary of  my first ever setting foot in the United States of America.  A decade.  Time is elastic, multi-dimensional. 

After September comes the month of October.  October is the month of trade shows this year.  At the end of the month Grapevine  in Texas on Wednesday, October 28th, 2009 will be held another of the IESF – Integrated Electrical Solutions Forum events. Get to it if you want.  Go there if you must. Make it your business to go there because there is a lot to be got from hob-nobbing with like minded engineers and a running order of keynote speakers which whets the appetite. is the link to find more. This is an event which I will not be able to attend and I am a little disappointed other things will keep me away.  I have looked through the abstracts and will have to be content with reviewing the presentations when they are made available. But that’s second best by quite a way. You get so much more by hearing the commentary along with the slides, and it is a great opportunity to interact with CHS customers who have top-quality top-level experience of making a difference in their business.

Earlier in October, 6th and 7th, the SAE Commercial Vehicle Engineering Congress and Exhibition in Rosemont, IL takes place. This is one trade-show I will have the privilege of attending.  The link at contains further details of this event.  I’m looking forward to meeting with customers there.

The Rosemont exhibition center is somewhere I have been before, and impressive it is. Living in metro Detroit I of course prefer the creature comforts of the Cobo Center downtown with the frozen wind whipping across the frigid waters of the Detroit River from the direction of Canada in the south on a bitingly cold January afternoon. Yes, you read correctly Canada is south of Detroit – not all of it though.  Manchester’s G-Mex exhibition centre (Manchester England, not New Hampshire) used to have a good caravan and camping show which I was never interested in and didn’t attend but for some reason I remember there are some marvellous pubs nearby. The CeBit Messe in Hannover which I attended once was spread out over a massive area. How lucky was I to be just in the right place at the right time flocking into the entrances with about four thousand other people for the solitary bird flying overhead to deposit its waste on my head.  Before manning the company booth one has to wash the bird poo off the scalp.

Mr. James  Price and I attended Herschey Pennsylvania one year as the Mentor Graphics’ representatives at the WHMA Wiring Harness Manufacturers Association trade show.  The exhibition booth never made it there. All we had was a slate grey tablecloth on a table, a box of pens and winning smiles. I well recall his discussions with the shipping company A on the phone, asking them to leave the cargo where it was in their depot and wait for shipping company B to arrive to pick it up. As a strategy to embarass the shipping company into delivering it just one day after the event started, which was actually two days late I thought James was inspired. 

That’s enough telling about trade shows. More tell, less show during September. Coming up in the middle of the month is technical update training back in the United Kingdom. Mentor Graphics’ office in Newbury hosts CHS specialists from around the world for briefings, exercises, technical refresh and previews of the new features coming into the 2009.1 release of the software.  Photographic evidence of my visit may be furnished depending on the clamour for such in the comments. 

Here’s a picture I took during an Autumnal visit to England two years ago. 

The old railway line to Hurst Wood and Ringley 2007

The old railway line to Hurst Wood and Ringley 2007

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