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Simulate to Innovate

It has become more and more challenging to deliver products–especially complex and intricate components, systems, and platforms–on time in this day and age. For many, the global economic recession brought with it reductions in personnel; and yet, military and aerospace (mil/aero) were still expected to (and needed to) deliver novel, high-tech products on time and on budget without the advent of a flush workforce.

Fewer engineers in a company translates to less research and development, fewer novel product designs, and increased time to market… right? Well, not necessarily.

Today, many technology firms are looking to fully functioning, highly capable software solutions to help fill any gaps, boost productivity, and speed myriad design and development tasks. Technology firms are increasingly adopting capable software tools, designed to deliver a speedy and streamlined workflow—particularly for product design, development, verification, and testing—with great result.

This geek, himself a former mil/aero systems architect, is encouraged by the advent and increased adoption of capable software tools. It has been interesting to see a sea change in the mil/aero market—not to mention the entire embedded computing industry, spanning automotive, medical, telecommunications, and myriad other markets—whereby software has moved to the forefront, not only in professionals’ minds, but also in their workflows.

Electronic Design Automation tools and workflows ultimately enable us to do more with less—something that has become more the norm than the exception. We geeks and engineers can simulate, test, and revise our novel ideas with computers without spending hours building a physical prototype that might just end up on a shelf in the storage room.

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