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SiriusXM won’t be just for infotainment anymore

John Day

John Day

Posted Jul 25, 2013

AT&T recently announced an agreement with SiriusXM Radio to provide mobile connectivity for a suite of security and other services for Nissan automobiles in North America.

SiriusXM plans to use the combination of satellite and cellular networks to expand features for customers.  Its in-vehicle telematics solution will provide Nissan vehicle owners 24/7 emergency support for accidents, stolen vehicle tracking, roadside assistance, and additional services to be announced.

The combination of satellite and cellular networks will allow SiriusXM to take advantage of one-to-many and one-to-one network connectivity.

“Your future car is going to be a smartphone with four wheels with powerful capabilities specifically built for a safe and enhanced customer experience,” said Glenn Lurie, president of AT&T Emerging Enterprises and Partnerships Organization.

“By adding fast, reliable and built-in mobile internet for SiriusXM’s forthcoming in-car experience, we are powering a connected experience inside Nissan automobiles for both drivers and passengers.”

“As a Connected Vehicle services provider for Nissan, we are excited to work with AT&T to deliver a world-class telematics service to Nissan vehicles,” added Enrique Rodriguez, Executive Vice President, Operations and Products, SiriusXM.

“SiriusXM is the leader in subscription services to the car and our network provides ubiquitous coast-to-coast delivery of our unparalleled audio entertainment and information services. Now, as we move into a connected vehicle world, SiriusXM will provide a telematics service that will offer Nissan vehicle owners a comprehensive set of telematics, information and entertainment services in their vehicle.  A first for our industry.”

Last September SiriusXM and Nissan North America announced that Nissan selected SiriusXM as the exclusive provider of a suite of premium telematics services for Nissan branded vehicles.

“Offering telematics services is a logical next step for SiriusXM, building on our advanced in-vehicle technological capabilities, subscriber management expertise, and proven experience providing national service to drivers,” SiriusXM chief executive officer Mel Karmazin said at the time of that announcement.

What services do you think SiriusXM will announce? Which ones would you like to see?

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