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Start with the end in mind

The first,  probably not not the last, sly borrowing of a famous phrase.  And in the title too.  No prizes for guessing the origin. At least the temptation to knock off a quick “it is a truth universally accepted” ….. was avoided.

So the end I have in mind for this blog, is a thriving conversation.  Conversations are two-way things.  Lots of comments, lots of feedback, and critical feedback at that.  Please. No seriously. I mean it.  A conversation if one sided is a monologue. That won’t do at all. 

Choices encourage dialogue.  Therefore, here follows some of the topics I thought might be interesting to write about.  Some of them could shape up more like a series of short essays,  an occasional  serial.   

Here’s a baker’s dozen of suggestions. Vote now for your faves and I’ll respect the deluge or trickle of replies. In the absence of acclaim for one subject or another I will make up my own mind, and then you’ve lost some of your chance for input. 

1. How the Motor City wiring harness engineers are faring in the economic downturn

2. How to run a large deployment of CHS.

3. The customization puzzle. Why neither off-the-shelf nor custom-fit does not suit all of the people all of the time. 

4. Reasons some enhancements get done and others don’t.

5. The cost reduction game in wiring harnesses.

6. Why Bury FC will win the Div.2 playoffs this year.

7. The best Cabling/Harness trade shows and the best hotels in the world (preview – the best beds are Scandanavian, followed by American,  & Japanese)

8. The component and symbol  librarian as hero – why prime quality comes from prime feed

9. SOAP: acronym, analysis  and answers.  Buzzword belies business benefits. Carefully construed commentary.

10. How to get the best out of your Mentor sales people. 

11. What is best practice in evaluating vendor’s offerings for cable and harness systems.

12. The best decisions, sufficient evidence, sufficient confidence in data quality.

 13. Logicians in action, the insiders guide to automotive options.

14. Aerospace electrical interconnect systems design, the special requirements.

15. The same mistakes eventually come round again.  The price of a well engineered product is eternal vigilance.

16. The fashion for “compliance”, and requirements tracking.

 . I know a baker’s dozen is 13. I was thinking of a baker who over delivers to his customers, not a case of  pastry-cooks’ dyscalculia or my own.  

And yes, the word ‘dyscalculia’ was gratuitously thrown in to see if you are still awake.  State your preference for one of the suggested 16.  That is your challenge.

And this was the end I imagined for this first blog post when I began.  Oh, how elliptical of me.  Now I’ve ended with the start in mind.

CHS, Harness

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