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The Electrical Systems Design Blog Song Contest - Top 10

People who write in blogs do things like the “eight critical fruits of breakfast”  - the “twelve reciprocities of shoe polish”  & “twenty six aspects of locomotive wheel maintenance challenging executives today and in the future” – those lists. Well I am no exception.


My unique un-inventive offering follows.



Here’s a quick list of the Top Ten Harness related songs. Inspired by noticing reports of the weekend’s Eurovision Song Contest. Why you can’t get it on one of the 3,137 USA cable channels I don’t know. Euro immigrants like myself would invite hordes of bewildered Americans to our homes to watch it and explain: “yes, it last about five hours, most of which is mystifying, most of the rest is barely comprehensible, but it’s great. It’s a giggle.”




  1. Top of the Pops:  Leonard Cohen – “Bird on the Wire” which I think was actually a 45 RPM single and First on the 1965 LP “Songs of Leonard Cohen” as well as on The Essential Leonard Cohen and Live Songs   Here’s a version to watch  Bird on a Wire

2. Runner Up with questionable views: The Cables – “(Name) Ring a Bell” – Trojan Rarities Box Set – rarities but goodies all of them and inclusion at number 2 for not just the name but the excellence.

3. Second Runner up with obscurity to protect any controversial views: Mouse on Mars – Radical Connector (CD 2004)

4. Third runner up:  Seal has a recent CD Soul which is cover versions of classic songs. In homage to the need for version and release control, I select track 1 “A Change Is Gonna Come”   View – Seal – Change is Gonna Come

5. How many more runners-up are permitted?: The Tubes – “Piece by Piece” from Best of the Tubes 1992

6. Is there a prize for everyone: The Basement Tapes by Bob Dylan and The Band (Audio CD – 1990) no relation to Jane Fonda’s Workout Tape (no overlap, space between this and Bob Dylan) and a popular item in its time.

7. Seventh spot and the first nod in the direction of component library definitions if you’re interested in quality product, then look no further: “Bad Housing Blues” – Josh White

8. Branching out at number eight fans, ready to ‘take-out’  more popular songs: “Agasambi (The Bundle)” – Djakhobo on Various Artists including Youssou N’Dour’s Refugee Voices, Building Bridges.

9. Penultimate pop pick shows potential – displaced 100o Volts of Holt by John Holt:  Ozric Tentacles – Swirly Termination (CD 2003)

10. Lanky Liverpool Lads’ ‘lekky synthesizers  cop a  final contact, and get  the terminal position assurance:    “Electricity” – Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark      View – OMD – Electricity


A clear winner emerged this year in Eurovision, sometimes there looms over the voting a suspicion of “shenanigans” (which is like “hanky panky”, but not as bad as “hullaballo” or “argy bargy” – although it can give rise to these latter states if things worsen).  


  The Harness blog song contest will never rival the enormity of the annual Eurovision Song Contest. However it may have the edge  in futility. How can you help? Your own choices are more than welcome. Influence a shift in the hit parade. Send in your engineering change requests in the form of comments, and the new line-up may appear in the future.


Disclaimer: Offers of bribes to get your preferred tune in the topmost reaches of the line up of ditties are more than welcome but ineffectual. Mentor Graphics’ employees are bound by a strict code of ethics. I will not be unduly influenced, but the more outrageous the bribe, the more outlandish the inducement, the more I  can feel the glow of integrity for not accepting it.


Harness, Music, Fun

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