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The Singularity

“Mentor’s Capital toolset now encompasses electrical architecture definition, electrical system and wire harness design, harness manufacturing, and vehicle service and repair,” stated Martin O’Brien, general manager of the Mentor® Integrated Electrical Systems Division. “Capital HarnessXC is one of the core products within this tool suite. PKC is the latest in a long line of harness suppliers to standardize on Capital to optimize their productivity. It’s also interesting that PKC Group has recently acquired AEES, itself an existing Capital customer. The Capital suite delivers rich capabilities to support global organizations such as the combined PKC/AEES group.”

The Capital product is a fully integrated application suite for electrical system design, electrical analysis, system integration/wiring design and harness engineering. It has powerful embedded data management capabilities (vehicle configuration management, workflow control, design comparison, etc.). The Capital products are used within the automotive, off-road, military vehicle and aerospace industries worldwide.

As we careen into the future we approach what writers and futurist like Vernor Vinge ( and Ray Kurtzweil ( refer to as the technological singularity which basically is a hypothetical future emergence of greater-than-human intelligence through technological means, very likely resulting in explosive superintelligence. Perhaps in the future this geek’s super intelligent computer can figure out what to do with all these damn wires!, Mentor Graphics, Mil-Aero, Vernor Vinge, Capital HarnessXC, Software, Capitol Harness, superintelligence, Technological Singularity, Aerospace, Technology, Milaero, Hardware, Military, Mentor, Ray Kurzweil, Engineer, Singularity, Geek

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