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What’s Possible with Very Very Precise Map Data?

John Day

John Day

Posted Jan 20, 2014

The tier one supplier Continental Automotive and HERE, formerly known as Nokia Maps, recently announced that they will intensify their Connected Car collaboration (they’ve been working together for a long time).

The firms will focus on leveraging Continental’s Electronic Horizon platform, future automated driving innovations, and intelligent transportation systems.

They’ll start by working on map technology for Electronic Horizon that will enable a vehicle to determine its position on the road within as little as 10 centimeters, or three inches. With such precise information, cars will potentially be able to react automatically to lane markings, road signs, and more. “Shifting circumstances,” as the firms describe it.

The technology is expected to enable enhanced anticipatory driving and lead to improvements for drivers in comfort, efficiency and safety.

Continental says it will be able to provide a complete end-to-end connected Electronic Horizon solution based on HERE data and cloud services to vehicle manufacturers worldwide. Its solution will also be the basis for Highly Automated Driving functionality, which Continental wants to have ready for production vehicles by 2020 – the not very far distant future.

“With precise map data from HERE and the connected Electronic Horizon, we will achieve advancements across all areas of today’s vehicle-based individual mobility,” says Continental’s Ralf Lenninger, Head of Interior Electronics Solutions.

For one thing, Lenninger says, “With the connected Electronic Horizon, vehicle manufacturers will be able to reduce their vehicles’ CO2-footprint by at least two grams per kilometer. In addition, exact map data will make the driving experience more enjoyable and safe by providing useful information about road congestion so that drivers can predetermine alternate routes, as well as a way to adapt future LED headlight functions to the road ahead.”

Ogi Redzic, HERE’s VP, Connected Driving, adds that providing an accurate, precise, and timely representation of the roads and the vehicle environment is essential for all areas of advanced driving solutions, not just for automated driving.

I’m thinking about that 10 cm precision – enough to distinguish between flavors in a doughnut rack. It will be interesting to see how they make that degree of precision useful to drivers.

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