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30 Apr, 2012

Comfy cars

Posted by John Day

John Day One of the more significant obstacles to automotive start-stop systems is how to keep the car comfy with the engine off. Saving fuel is great, but not if the infotainment system, HVAC et al were to shut down at every red light. At the SAE World Congress in Detroit last week, Delphi Automotive introduced a Phase Change Material (PCM) Evaporator that it said will keep start/stop vehicle cabins cooler … Read More

phase change material evaporator, hybrid vehicles CO2 emissions, SAE World Congress, Delphi automotive, Delphi Thermal Systems, Delphi, start-stop systems, heat pump air conditioner, HVAC, exhaust gas heat exchanger

16 Jan, 2012

John Day  It was a big deal less than two years ago for Delphi Automotive to show how a driver could bring a cell phone into a vehicle and interact with the phone’s apps on the car’s display screen – all of them when the vehicle was parked and only the appropriate ones when the car was moving. Since then the effort to enable the use of smartphones in cars without distracting drivers has expanded to incorporate … Read More

workload assessment, Smartphones, Delphi automotive, Delphi's Electronics & Safety Division, 2012 Consumer Electronics Show, Kathy Winter, MyFi Connecting with Safety vehicle, distracting drivers, driver state monitoring

20 Apr, 2011

John Day Except for the time the gas pump failed to shut off automatically and an unfortunate amount of gas failed to make it into my car’s tank, and the times that I have had to struggle to pry open a frozen gas cap, pumping gas never seemed like all that big a deal to me, so to the extent that I thought about it at all, I presumed that charging an electric vehicle would be similarly simple – except for not … Read More

Delphi automotive, EV charging infrastructure, charging an electric vehicle, WiTricity Corporation, portable EV charger, wireless charging technology


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