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Posts tagged with 'electric power steering'

6 Sep, 2012

John Day I’m often if not always skeptical when a company says its product or service is an industry “first,” so I wanted some verification when Freescale Semiconductor said that its MP5643L microcontroller is the first such device to be certified by an independent accredited assessor ( as compliant with the relevant MCU requirements of the automotive functional safety standard ISO 26262. But … Read More

MPC5643L, antilock braking systems, ASIL-D, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, Freescale Semiconductor, ISO 26262, electric power steering, exida

30 Jan, 2012

John Day Infineon Technologies notes that higher performance power electronics components contribute to the primary automotive industry goals of better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. The firm suggests that power MOSFETs with current capability above 200A and R DS(on) below 1mΩ are needed to reduce conduction losses and improve overall efficiency, but it says that MOSFETs to fulfill these needs have not … Read More

electric power steering, Infineon Technologies, D2PAK (TO-263), Strategy Analytics, JEDEC standard H-PSOF, power MOSFETs

25 Oct, 2010

Automotive technology wish list

Posted by John Day

John Day I’m starting a list of the technology I want in my next car, presuming it’s one with an internal combustion engine. It could be awhile before I buy one, and it’s likely that some of what’s on the list today will be replaced by something spiffier between now and then, but at least I’ll have a baseline, as well as a way to think about the evolution of automotive technology in an organized way. Organized … Read More

electric power steering, gasoline direct injection (GDI), Texas Transport Institute, Texas A&M University


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