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Posts tagged with 'Electric Vehicles'

23 May, 2014

Clean(er) Air Everywhere

Posted by John Day

John Day The research firm Strategy Analytics is out with a new study of the automotive sensor market and one of the key points they make is that “emerging markets are looking to reduce vehicle emissions and have plans to implement more stringent emission (including CO2) regulations.” More regulation creates more need for sensors to measure and help reduce vehicle emissions. The study, “Automotive Sensor Demand … Read More

Strategy Analytics, Powertrain, advanced driver assist safety systems, automotive sensors, ADAS, NAFTA, plug-in hybrid, BRIC, Electric Vehicles

24 Dec, 2013

John Day NXP Semiconductors and Datang Telecom Technology Co. Ltd., in a joint venture (JV), formed Datang NXP Semiconductors Co. Ltd., a fabless firm considered to be the first automotive semiconductor company in China. Datang NXP is focused on automotive ASICs (application specific integrated circuits) based on mixed signal technology, which Drue Freeman, NXP senior vice president, global automotive sales … Read More

Datang Telecom Technology, Electric Vehicles, Datang NXP Semiconductors, Strategy Analytics, mixed signal technology, NXP Semiconductor

14 Nov, 2012

Nail biting

Posted by John Day

John Day   Someday we may all be driving – or be driven by – electric vehicles, but before that can happen, lithium ion batteries need to be perfected. In fact there are other alternatives, as exhibits at the Battery Show in Novi, Michigan, made clear this week, but those are stories for another day. Sticking for the moment with lithium ion batteries I posed the broad question “are they getting better?” … Read More

TÜV SÜD, Electric Vehicles, IEEE Symposium on Product Compliance Engineering, Battery Show, SAE J2464, Sandia National Labs, Lithium Ion Abuse Test Methods, RESS (Rechargeable Energy Storage Systems)

3 Feb, 2011

One million EVs by 2015

Posted by John Day

John Day I’m seeing a lot of skepticism about electric cars. In a recent article, Washington Post editorial writer Charles Lane complains that electric vehicle batteries run down more quickly in cold weather than they do in warm weather. “Frankly, I don’t know why anyone would consider buying (an electric vehicle) - especially if he or she lives north of the Mason-Dixon Line,” he writes. And for those … Read More

Electric Vehicles, Fred Upton, Detroit News, Washington Post, Indiana University, President Obama

24 Jan, 2011

John Day A murder mystery set in Detroit in 1910 sounded interesting, though I will admit that at first glance I thought the Detroit Electric in the title of D.E. Johnson’s novel (”The Detroit Electric Scheme”) referred to skullduggery at the local power company versus the real-life Anderson Carriage Company that built electric vehicles back in the day. Someone has been murdered at the factory, and … Read More

John and Horace Dodge, Electric Vehicles, The Detroit Electric Scheme, Bennett Park, Charles Kettering, Anderson Carriage Company, William C. Anderson, Detroit Tigers, Edsel Ford, D.E. Johnson, Detroit Electric

23 Mar, 2010

Automotive bright spots at IESF

Posted by John Day

John Day One of the highlights for me at IESF for the past three years now has been Paul Hansen’s presentation. You may know that Paul is the editor and publisher of The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics (, a highly respected newsletter. IESF attendees this year are receiving a free, three-month subscription. There has been a lot of negativity in the news lately, some of which … Read More

Hybrid Vehicles, Electronic Stability Control Brake Assist, Hyundai Mobis, Toyota, Aadaptive Front Lighting, Pedestrian Safety, Airbags, Tegra 2, The Hansen Report on Automotive Electronics, ABS, Tire Pressure Monitoring, IESF, Driver Assistance Systems, Kia, Electric Vehicles, Nvidia, Back-up Cameras, Paul Hansen, CSM Worldwide


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