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6 Dec, 2012

John Day   Does anyone know why, after decades of decreasing numbers of road traffic accidents in developed countries, accident rates are climbing again in the U.S. and Europe? And what to do about it? In the U.K., there were 2.8 percent more fatal accidents in 2011 than in 2010. In Germany for the same period, accidents increased by 9.9 percent. In the U.S, there were 9.0 percent more fatal accidents during … Read More

Euro NCAP, IHS Inc., Advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), IMS Research

30 Oct, 2012

More Wi-Fi coming to cars

Posted by John Day

John Day The market for Wi-Fi in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) automotive applications will increase eightfold over the next seven years in North America and Western Europe according to IMS Research (recently acquired by IHS Inc.). The research firm notes that Wi-Fi attach rates in North America and Western Europe are relatively low at the moment but suggests that Wi-Fi will follow a trend similar … Read More

IHS Inc., IMS Research, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Miracast, MirrorLink

14 May, 2012

Tracking telematics in China

Posted by John Day

John Day   The in-vehicle telematics market in China is booming right now, according to IMS Research, but the next few years will be critical for future development of the market. There are three main types of telematics systems in China – standalone systems like GM’s OnStar, embedded systems such as Toyota’s G-Book, and connected systems like Ford’s SYNC. Connected systems are the newest in the Chinese … Read More

Toyota G-Book, SAIC iVoka, connect smart phones to cars, Ford Sync, Apple's Siri, IMS Research, navigation with real-time traffic, GM OnStar, IHS Inc.

29 Sep, 2009

Time to eject the CD?

Posted by John Day

John Day Does anyone still listen to CDs in their car or have we all migrated to iPods and other personal storage devices, and/or to HD or satellite radio? With so many more infotainment choices available now, and digital music downloads on the rise while CD sales continue to decline, can automakers just do away with CD changers? Someday they will follow 8-track and cassette players to the technology afterlife, … Read More

Infotainment, IMS Research, iPod, Bluetooth, Cassette Player, 8-Track Player, iSuppli, Satellite Radio, HD Radio, CD Player, SBD, Clarion Corporation of America


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