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8 Dec, 2009

Night light

Posted by John Day

John Day I had just made a right-hand turn on a recent evening when I just barely saw a bicyclist on the other side of the road, heading in the same direction I was. He(?) was riding fast, and it occurred to me that he might ride right past the cross street where (and when) I intended to turn left. I slowed down, he turned left, and I followed after – so nothing happened, except that I thought about night-time … Read More

Hella Lighting, LED Lighting, Frost & Sullivan, Xenon Headlamps

7 Oct, 2009

John Day It’s been a rough year in the automotive electronics industry, or at least that’s the prevailing sentiment, but not so in Europe according to Joe Notaro, director of marketing and applications for the automotive business unit at chipmaker STMicroelectronics. Notaro says new product and program activity is higher this year than last year. “European consumers value safety, and that is even more true … Read More

Class D Amplifiers, CO2 Emissions, Brushless Motors, Stop-Start Systems, LED Lighting


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